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Images of books and tent set aside at the warehouse for ATHI Community Library Project

We are so thankful and grateful for your continuous support –                                                 Lets keep it going!


awheec athi 2

AFRICAN WOMEN HEALTH EDUCATION AND EMPOWERMENT CENTER (AWHEEC) is embarking on a very ambitious journey of setting up a Tent Library in Athi, Meru, Kenya. 

This Library Project will be one of a kind in that:
1. It is housed in an actual “Mongolian tent” that can contain more than 1000 people.
2. It will cater to a whole community in a very remote area in Kenya.
Athi community has one primary school that caters to under privileged children in a very poor community. Most of the children have to share books for school and leisure books are a luxury. We hope that we can help bring enlightenment and empowerment to this community through support of friends like you. We are looking for your support in this endeavor to ship a container of books and the tent in the next few months.
We are excited to have received support of $1000.00 from a supportive friend (Anonymous) and are optimistic to reach our goal of $8,000.

AWHEEC is partnering with Books for Africa, a Minneapolis-based Non-Profit Organization, founded in 1988, and whose mission is to end the book famine in Africa. BFA is the largest shipper of high quality books and educational materials to schools and libraries across the continent.

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